Committed to Happiness

Happiness is something that we all want. Yet, so many of us have such a hard time figuring out how to be happy. We hold others accountable for our own happiness, but fail to hold ourselves accountable. We continuously try to acquire different things such as material possessions, job promotions or relationships looking for that one final thing that will make us happy.  Then we finally acquire that one thing to then find that we are still not fully happy. Then we are once again a gerbil on the wheel.

As I continued to nourish my self growth and spiritual journey one thing that I now understand is happiness is a choice. This concept sounds so easy to understand, yet so many of us have such a hard time making this happen. We constantly look to others to make us happy and make decisions that don’t align with serving our pursuit of happiness. At some point I realized I had to stop looking outside of myself and start looking within.

When I moved back to Atlanta and reunited with my husband after being separated for 2 years, I decided to focus on making choices that truly served my pursuit of happiness. Happiness was my responsibility. I paid close attention to my actions, conversations and daily choices. I made sure the company that I kept also was committed to some sort of self growth. I consider myself lucky to have a husband and family who are supportive of my journey.  Everyone won’t always get it, especially those who aren’t yet serving their own happiness. I’m fully committed to being the best Me that I can be. The better I am, the better I am as a Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister and Friend. The better I am as an over all Human Being.

This Mother’s Day was totally awesome as I enjoyed the day with my BFS (best friend sisters) Becky and McCain. We talked spirituality, goals, the importance of consistency and being unapologetically selfish. Its funny how all of us are in unity in thought. We also challenge each others thought process which I find stimulating.

Apparel Details:  

Now Details on the FIT. I have on a simple body tank paired with a pencil skirt. The pencil skirt is my own creation. It’s a stretch metallic cotton with a reclaimed denim waist band. I took a pair of old jeans and cut the waistband off. I simply attached it to a sled drafted pencil skirt and wallah, another success.  I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother’s Day. Being a Mother is the best promotion you’ll ever receive. Don’t forget to hit the like button or share, or better yet both :). Peace and Blessings!







  1. Normandie
    May 20, 2018 / 6:47 pm

    This is awesome & I can relate and understand. It is important to create your own happiness!! That skirt is the hot!!

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