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Surrender and Let Go!

I see a lot of memes and conversing about letting people go who aren’t elevating. When I think of elevation  I don’t necessarily mean material things; more so elevating on a spiritual level: your mindset. I’m not saying everyone around you needs to think like you or even share your spiritual practice. I think it’s healthy to have people around you who don’t think like you and will challenge you.  I’m referring to the folks who aren’t aware of self and have yet to gain the desire to expand their own self-awareness.  These are folks who are quick to act a fool and turn around and say, “That’s just me, that’s just how I am”.  It’s a pretty easy way of just brushing off what ever offensive behavior has been displayed. I am personally guilty of this. I use to do this all the time. My temper was terrible. I would let things go on and on and fester. This festering would turn into resentment that would later turn into an eruption. I attributed it to the Leo in me. After all, I am a Fire sign. That’s just how Leos are right? WRONG!!!! We all have our ways, that’s a part of being human. Accessing our own “ways” leads to growth. I wanted to be able to have disagreements with people and fully express myself in a peaceful loving way. I wanted to effectively explain why I was hurt rather than coming across so angry. I also had to let go of wanting to be right or win the argument. I had to learn how to express myself and then let it go and be at peace. Being at peace is the hardest thing at times because it’s easy to fall into, I should of said this or said that. I still struggle with this.

The best thing I could’ve done to improve the relationships around me is self work. I believe everything we go through are lessons to be learnt. You either learn or you continue to repeat the lesson until you learn from it. My temper played out in so many relationships around me, I needed to effectively communicate with others. No attacking, just conversations. Yes conversations can still get heated when we are affected by each others actions, but staying grounded and wanting to resolve the issue rather than desiring to win is what I am aiming for. There are also times when there is no resolution and unfortunately relationships breakup. Maybe for a while sometimes forever. I gauge my relationships on various things. One thing that is very important to me is how the relationship is showing up in my life. Does this relationship need a little nourishment or is it so far gone that I can’t do anything with it. I will admit I am stingy with my energy because I know I am responsible for myself and the way that I show up in this world.  Growth also looks different for all of us.  It’s not about who is good or bad. It’s not for me to judge but instead to realize we may just be in two different places. Is this relationship helping to fill up my tank or is it depleting all my gas. There is power in surrendering and letting go. While society would have you view surrendering as defeat; there actually is a lot of empowerment with surrendering, letting go and being completely at peace with your decision. You have to honor who you are. Take a moment of gratitude, assess what you learnt and wish them the best. You’ll be surprised how surrendering to the Universe will open doors for you. Happy Saturday and have a most productive week.

Now on to the outfit DEETs. I bought this fabric from Mood  7 seven years ago in New York. Its 100% silk and the first pair of pants I made. I remember being so intimidated of sewing pants and now I feel so silly because I LOVE making pants! This fabric was perfect for these flowy wide leg trousers. I was so pleased with them but I loss weight and had to take the zipper out, take them in and replace the waist band. I had a love hate relationship with the fabric because silk is very delicate. I also made a coordinating off the shoulder crop top. I learned a lot while sewing this combo. Even cutting the pattern was challenging. I later found out I should use tissue paper while cutting :(. The white bell sleeve crop top also looks great! This was the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe. It has a functional zipper in the back which is a nice touch to a classic top. I found it at binkandbougie.  This is one of my favorite stores where I can also get a quick fix at an affordable price. I hope you love my creation as much as I do. Peace!

Push Partners

Who’s your Pusha? Pushas, suppliers of what you need; you know that quick fix. Before you get carried away I’m not talking drugs. I’m talking about your ride or die Push Partners. You know friends who motivate you. The friends whose conversation have you so uplifted that once you hang up that phone your amped up all ready to go. These are friends and family who truly want you to win and push you forward. When you’re talking yourself out of goals, they’re talking you right back in to them. Sometimes you’ll come up with a great idea than find yourself coming up with 99 reasons why it won’t work instead of 100 reasons why it will.


I love my Push Partners. We all need Push Partners. It’s mutual relationship, you push me and I’ll push you. Sometimes I receive encouragement memes from friends or lectures from others. I’ll take it however it comes because I know their intentions are in good spirits.  The point is life can get chaotic, Push Partners help keep you on track. It ain’t always nice. I’ve been called out by my Push Partners. My brother called me recently and got on me real bad. Pretty much told me to shut up and get to writing and sewing. I needed that and considering he’s just completed his first book and is currently working on publishing,  he’s pretty inspiring. He’s also currently serving a 25 year sentence so if he can stay inspired what is my excuse??? If you don’t have a Push Partner consider evaluating your circle.  Have a Most Productive week and Push forward ✌?.



Committed to Happiness

Happiness is something that we all want. Yet, so many of us have such a hard time figuring out how to be happy. We hold others accountable for our own happiness, but fail to hold ourselves accountable. We continuously try to acquire different things such as material possessions, job promotions or relationships looking for that one final thing that will make us happy.  Then we finally acquire that one thing to then find that we are still not fully happy. Then we are once again a gerbil on the wheel.

As I continued to nourish my self growth and spiritual journey one thing that I now understand is happiness is a choice. This concept sounds so easy to understand, yet so many of us have such a hard time making this happen. We constantly look to others to make us happy and make decisions that don’t align with serving our pursuit of happiness. At some point I realized I had to stop looking outside of myself and start looking within.

When I moved back to Atlanta and reunited with my husband after being separated for 2 years, I decided to focus on making choices that truly served my pursuit of happiness. Happiness was my responsibility. I paid close attention to my actions, conversations and daily choices. I made sure the company that I kept also was committed to some sort of self growth. I consider myself lucky to have a husband and family who are supportive of my journey.  Everyone won’t always get it, especially those who aren’t yet serving their own happiness. I’m fully committed to being the best Me that I can be. The better I am, the better I am as a Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister and Friend. The better I am as an over all Human Being.

This Mother’s Day was totally awesome as I enjoyed the day with my BFS (best friend sisters) Becky and McCain. We talked spirituality, goals, the importance of consistency and being unapologetically selfish. Its funny how all of us are in unity in thought. We also challenge each others thought process which I find stimulating.

Apparel Details:  

Now Details on the FIT. I have on a simple body tank paired with a pencil skirt. The pencil skirt is my own creation. It’s a stretch metallic cotton with a reclaimed denim waist band. I took a pair of old jeans and cut the waistband off. I simply attached it to a sled drafted pencil skirt and wallah, another success.  I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother’s Day. Being a Mother is the best promotion you’ll ever receive. Don’t forget to hit the like button or share, or better yet both :). Peace and Blessings!






My Hearts Desire

It feels good, no actually it feels great. I literally lose track of time. It took a while for me to get here, for me to realize just how bad I wanted this and how much I loved it. Somewhere, somehow I got lost in the slave trade. My life went a little something like this. Alarm clock, get up, get dress, off to work, drop off the kid,  pick up the kid, home from work, cook, clean, watch TV, maybe workout and bedtime then repeat. I was working to live but not actually living. How boring and mundane life had become.


     When I moved back to Atlanta I had the time to relax and get fully back into studying vibrations, the law of attraction and self-awareness. What had been holding me back were feelings of not being good enough. Thoughts of, what would people say? Self doubt and feeling too old. As I looked over social media I couldn’t help but feel like I missed out. I saw all these designers making their own way.  Along the way, I made up so many rules to what I needed to create my own clothing. In actuality  these rules were hindering me. I can laugh at myself now. To think I actually abided by these rules, which further deterred me from my gift. What I didn’t realize is it really wasn’t too late for me. I am in charge of my life and my own destiny. The more I went into silence and really determining what my heart desired, the more things became oh so clear to me. I wanted to design and most importantly, I didn’t want to do this for anyone other than myself. I need no validation from anyone. I no longer care whether anyone would like my designs as long as I liked them.


      When I first moved to Atlanta to attend AIU, the next step after graduation was to move to NYC. Well, life changed. Instead of me rerouting my dream, I let life’s curve balls take me out of the game. Now I see it was just a  detour. I’m just taking another route. My friends and family were so excited for me and supportive in my new endeavors. Sometimes I have so many ideas for new designs that I can not even sleep at night. The moral of the story is NEVER take yourself out of the game. FEAR and SELF DOUBT are dream killers. Surround yourself with people who will cheer you on and tell you just how fucking dope you are. Lastly, don’t follow your dreams, CHASE them. You will manifest in your life your deepest hearts desires.



This combo was inspired by the 1950s cigarette pant. We all know that high-waist pants have been the trend for a while now. I love them because they give the illusion of an hour glass shape and help to hide the tummy.  I made these quite literal to those of the 50’s, with a super high-waist and wide waist band. These were self drafted, meaning no premade pattern was used. I added red piping for a little detail. The fabric is a stretch cotton. It holds and hugs the body well. I paired this 2 piece with my favorite Gucci heels. Overall this creation was a success. I hope you love it as much as I do. May you have a prosperous, positive week.

New Beginnings

Damnnnnnn, eghhhh I was so mad. I had just spent my last few dollars on gas and taco bell. I was literally broke as shit. I sat on the couch as I stared at my Nacho Bell Grande on the floor.  I was sooo hungry that I contemplated eating it off the floor.  That thought was quickly removed because the place I was staying wasn’t the cleanest.  I was with a friend of a friend who  was looking out on the strength of my home girl. I really couldn’t trip or judge but cleanliness wasn’t her strong suit. I was thankful I had somewhere to stay considering living with my bff was a bust.  It turns out that we really didn’t know each other as well as we thought we did. I decided it was best that I remove myself from that situation but it was scary and I was on the brink of moving back home. I was a girl from Milwaukee trying to figure out Atlanta and my anxiety was off the charts.

     Man I didn’t think I would last but my Mother told me to give it at least a year. It was a huge adjustment. I had went from having my own apartment, decent job and car to sleeping on a couch and no job. It was tough, hell just getting use to the highway driving was trying. I knew once I got a job things would fall in place. I learnt quickly that I had to depend on myself. I finally had a job and before I knew it, I was just another crazy commuter driving fast as hell down 75 into Buckhead. Everything became so exciting and adventurous. By the time I had completed a full year I was totally in love with Atlanta.  I knew I would never move back to Milwaukee. I didn’t think I would ever experience this sort of excitement again but I find myself experiencing a sort of rebirth now. I’m owning it too and boy it feels so freakin good.

This 3 piece set was designed and sewn by muah. I love it because its so comfy yet fashionable. It has an easy breezy vibe.  I have lots to share with you every week! I plan on giving you a glimpse of a modern woman who meditates, designs her own clothes, gives you updates on my weekend adventures and of course my spin on fashion. Stay tuned Bellas, it only gets better from here. Leave your girl a comment below. Have a fabulous week!